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ASCS System

ASCS integrate the software protocols and hardware infrastructure with TCP/IP, BLE, RF, IR, Zigbee and Z-wave.

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  • Automatic

    The core-communication protocol with vitual standards has been designed for Wireless Hotel, Factory in un-manned circumstances.

  • Performance

    To solve the computational request and server loading issue, the server architecture and cluster solution could increase the performance in various way.

  • High Extensible

    Not only build the software service, but also tune the hardware architecture; For safety and rescue, redundant flow will be designed and literal on process-oriented with CFR.

  • Analysis

    We are well-experienced in diagnose and over-watch the system on the flight. The Dashboard-based control pannel will notify and archive the important event.

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Media Interview

Alicuu's Design was interviewed for the ASCS Smart Plant Factory solution in 2014.

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