High Available Cluster

Computational and Network Solutions

Operation & Deployment

Build the system with Container + VM.
Using Vargrant and Docker to deploy your application in rapid way.

Private web service construction
More safety and efficiency during the migration
Automatic replicated backup data
Load Balanace mechanism
More Info


Compact the non-unity hardware PC to an efficienct computational cluster with a touch.
Integrated with MPICH and job submission.

Assist single instruction and multi-syscall
High performance quene utility
We need to build our own cluster!

High Available Cluster Solution

  • Operation & Deploy Service

    Auto Replication

    The tiny soft-raid daemon for container-based and VM servers common data pool.

    #Distributed Management

    Distributed Management Agency

    Interactive tools to make Docker and Vargrant deploy the right parameters for different hosts.

    #Load Balance

    Load Balance for Impluse Throuput

    Load balance with HA Proxy and Unify bypass mechanism of the group.

  • Computing Cluster

    MPICH Administration

    It is more easier to manage and control MPICH with GUI.
    Integrated with Jumpshot and Gnuplot for exportation.
    Compatible with C/C++ and Fortran.


    System Surveillance

    Surveillance the servers with Ganglia and HeartBeat.


    Mini Cluster

    We have compose a cluster with the software above
    using the 5/10/50/100/150+ packs mini PC.