Smart Industry
More powerful Less management.

A scalibility, extensible architecture
makes the innovation touchable.

Plant Crate

with extensive architecture

The single unit could be stacked and managed via the control server. Furthermore, the data is transmitted over standard industrial protocols like Modbus, CANbus, oBix and EtherCAT.

Group Control

The modules are full supported with the simutantious and sequential actions. According to the commands setting, the action will be executed and scheduled via the event control server.


Control Information Center

Control Information Center(CIC) solution provide practical utilities to make surveilliance in easy way. Heartbeat Archiver, Auto Postmortem Analyzer, Real-Time Alert and Periphery I/O Node.

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Distributed Architecture

The Mesh and Star network are supported.

Packet Encryption

The data of the transmission packets will be encrypted.

Access Token

For the flow control and safety, the Access Control will take Token in action(pass or queue).

Customize I/O

Customize the Trigger Event and Receive Action on your own, the 64 ports GPIO could make your strategy in varied way.

Heartbeat Archiver

To monitoring the device is online with healthy, the ratio of machine alive, recovering status, MRTG...etc will be archived periodically.

Postmortem Analyzer

Analyze the control node automaticall by using pre-setup algorithm.

Periphery I/O Node

Fully support with GPIO, I2C and SPI Pin assignment. Not enough port? Don't worry, we could customize the extension board on customer demand.

Alcohol Detector Module

Integrate the Alcohol blow sensor with DB archiver, and we have interact with the gatelock for employee safety.

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Alcohol Detector Module